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What’s the odds?

As a punter you know that football betting odds show the chances of a football team to win. If you would like to increase your profit and make successful bets, it will be useful to look at football odds comparison on Wikibet.co. This will let you choose the best value of the wager and will help you decide which teams to bet on. You can compare the best football odds from top bookmakers for today’s and upcoming matches using the table on our site. You are also welcome to find out the latest football odds and weekend football odds here.

Compiling odds

Coefficients shown on our site are compiled based on statistics and the financial position of the betting company. We have collected the best betting odds for you to wager on.  

Types of betting odds

Let us take a look at different types of betting probabilities. They are:

  • Moneyline (American);
  • Fractional (UK);
  • Decimal (European).

These are various ways of representing the chances of the team’s winning. American odds for the favorite (-150) mean that you have to wager $150 to win $100 and get a payout of $250.

Fractional ones let you know the amount you would gain depending on the bet. For instance, odds 1/3 show that you can win $30 if you bet $90.

Decimal ones are better known in Europe, Canada and Australia. It is easy to calculate them – you just have to multiply your bet value by a decimal number, and it will give you the amount of payout. Therefore, if decimal index is 1,5 and your wager is $100, your final payout will be equal to $150.

How can I compare football odds?

On our site you can calculate and compare sports betting odds. We put together information from the most reputable football betting sites and give you an optimized outcome.  

Wikibet.co will let you monitor the best bookmaker odds and see the latest betting odds comparison, which will make your betting more profitable.