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Introduction (for a beginner)

If you are new to the betting and game with bookmakers, this article will help you to understand the most important question for the beginner - do I really need it? Although you are a beginner, but in any case, you must have heard about bookmakers and betting. What is the essence of betting?

The term «rate» originally understood as a bet between two players, where each of them defends his own point of view, and makes his bet on a certain outcome of any event. It is obvious that the player, who guessed the outcome of event, takes all the money that was at stake.

Since the events interesting for the players often have not 2 but more possible outcomes, and besides, it is not always easy to find a second participant of a bet with the opposite opinion on the outcome of the event – totes appeared. Totes simply assemble money from the players with leaving themselves a certain percentage, and then allocate payout amounts among the players who have guessed the outcome of events. It is obvious that the player places his bet against the other players and a payout depends on the number of participants to guess the outcome of the event.

Bookmakers have a little bit different system of work. Bookies offer odds for each outcome of a specific event. So, your payout doesn’t depend on the number of players who guessed the outcome of event, but only on the rate that was established by the bookmaker. That is, in contrast to the betting, the bookmaker may, in principle, be in a loss.

Now when you know about the principals of bookmaker’s work, it is not a secret for you that the bookmaker plays only to make a profit. That’s why only a small part of the players can win against a bookie. If you are not afraid of these facts, keep on reading. If you do not like the prospect to lose your money to greedy bookmakers and you're not sure of your self-discipline, it is better to avoid betting with bookies.

Each player has to understand that the betting can be viewed from two sides:

1) as an entertainment and raising interest in a particular event;

2) as a form of investment in sport. Like any investment, betting has own risks, and it is many times greater than the risk of other deposits.

If you interpret making bets at the bookmaker as a kind of entertainment just only to raise interest in a particular event, then you obviously do not think you can make money through a bookmaker. And your possible loss for you is solo a payment for entertainment. In this case, stop reading this text.

If you agree with the fact that sports betting can be named as a kind of investment, you have to agree with the fact that this type of monetary investments subjects to very high risk. It is not a secret that the bigger profit is, the greater risk it carries. For example, people make a deposit in the bank at 10% per annum, so why a lot of players wish to win at least 2-3 times more per day? And why at the same time the majority of players lose in the end? So, if you wish to invest your money in betting and receive payouts, you should understand that the risk of losing in betting commensurate with the possible payouts.

If you still want betting and receiving income from the bookmakers, we recommend to get acquainted with the information on our website. Perhaps this will help to understand better the basic principles of betting.

Firstly, in order to win in betting, the player must have certain psychological qualities and follow a strict self-discipline in the game against bookmakers. If you think you are gambling addict or there are other reasons why you cannot follow the right course of the game against the bookies, it is better not to start.

Secondly, you need to learn different strategies of betting with bookmakers and choose your one. Define your financial capabilities. Allocate a certain amount for the game (your initial "Bank") and play only in the size of this "bank." Strictly follow the chosen strategy in betting.

Third, choose the bookmaker to play against (start with the one). Carefully read the rules of betting in chosen bookie, especially about the types of bets and types of outcomes. Also, determine for yourself the bookmaker with the most suitable methods of payments and withdrawals. In order to make the process of choosing a bookmaker easier for you, we have compiled Ranking of the 10 best bookmakers, with all their advantages and bonuses.

Now you can start betting. We wish you success and big profits!

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