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Psychological aspects of sports gambling with the bookmaker

It is important to set a goal for everything in our life and sports’ gambling is not exclusion. If you do not set a specific goal when you bet on sports, you can lose very quickly. You will start betting every day, aiming big odds to win back everything you lost earlier. Your bets will become the impulsive ones, and the whole game will suddenly acquire a not pleasant spirit for you. At this moment force yourself to stop for a few minutes and think about a few things, which are explained below:

The Risk. Who am I to tell you how to play and where to bet your money? So, you're right: I can only advice, but not to order. There are no correct answers where to place a bet to win. It all depends (among other reasons) on your risk appetite. In order to answer the question about sports gambling can it is needed to determine your risk tolerance. A player, who wants to win a lot of money quickly, often elects a risky way of betting with the big odds. The opposite type of player is quite happy, if he manages to get a profit of 10% from bets placed at the bookie. It is called a low propensity to risk: betting only on the clear favorites at small odds and making just small amounts.

A Long-term or a short game. This is one of the most important things you need to determine for yourself. Do you want to play a long-term or a short game? If you play a long game, you might want to bet against the favorites for the underdogs that have a relatively low mathematical chance to win. In this case, it’s not necessary to win every bet, because when you finally win, your payoff will be a big one - the odds on underdogs are extremely high. The only question is if you have enough patience to bet on underdogs? Or you will lose patience and start to change the strategy?

The player with a short game strategy bets on the big favorites for small odds, and often large amounts of money. Of course he wins more often, but the payoff is very small. And when he loses, the bank quickly rolled back. All the bookies are afraid of favorites.

Most of the players are betting on favorites, that is why the bookmakers often lower the odds on them. So, the strategy of betting just on big favorites is a risky one. In the end player will lose his entire bank because the odds on favorites from the bookies do not respond the theory of probability.

The way of the action. A lot of people bet on sports just to have more pleasure to watch on a football game on TV or other sporting event. They do not particularly care if they win or lose their bet. For them it is some kind of payment for entertainment. So far as such people do not gamble every day they relate sports betting as one of the rest types.

But there are also so called professional players, who have an aim of winning the big money. These players make their bets constantly, often bet on favorites which are bookmakers so afraid of, and often don’t want to play a long-term strategy with the big odds. What happens, when such a player begins winning? He will start betting with the bigger stakes to win more because he feels to be a lucky one or he is a smart one. But in the end even a lucky better will realize his bank is empty. That’s how a human psychology works. Unknown reasons always make humans to lose everything they have won earlier. When a player is winning he can’t stop himself and say: that’s enough for me. No, players continue betting and stating losing. If your bank was £100 and you won £500 these are very good figures. However, instead of taking back the £400 profit, you continue playing with all the money, and suddenly £400 turn into only £300. Never minds, at this point you still have 200% of the profit, but remember that you have less money than it was before, and continue to playing. With very high probability, you lose all the money faster than even realize what had happened. It's very destructive behavior, but you can avoid it following a certain discipline.

Discipline. When you win, do not feel unstoppable, and do not start to increase betting stakes. Continue putting the same amounts as in the beginning. Remember: if you feel that it is very easy to win, then to lose all that you won is also very simple. Of course, a player has to use his a period of luck, but the things can come out of control very fast. When the losing streak has started do not try to commit irrational acts (sharply increasing stakes, change the strategy, to bet on a lot of games, etc.). If your strategy was a working one before, it will work in the near future - it is a matter of discipline and patience. One day a bad luck streak will stop, and this is the time to show your restraint. Perhaps, it is a good time to interrupt sports gambling for a few weeks and to do something else. You always can come back to betting.

Time. Do you have enough time to gather all the information about the participants of the match, or you bet on sports just to get the pleasure of watching the matches on TV? Consider what time you are ready to spend on the game analysis, and then act accordingly.

Money. How much money at your disposal in the betting bank? How much can you afford to lose without serious implications? Never borrow money for the betting. Never bet with money that was planned for the current household expenses, or other things that are more important than playing with the bookies. Always remember that you can lose all your money. Set a goal for yourself, achieve it and then take all the winnings. Just then you can start betting again. Example: if you start with £100 and set a goal to win £500. If you get to the £500, you already have £400 as a prize – make a payout and continue with £100 once again. These are goanna be the fruits of their labor - real money, not just the virtual amount on your bookmaker’s account.

The interest. Are you really interested in sports? Or just betting to become a rich man? If you love sports, it will be much easier to keep track of what is happening. This is your advantage over the bookmaker. If you feel bored and not interested, take a break. Do not bet just for the money. When there is no motivation, it is very high probability of losing patience and interest, and, in the end, losing your money.

We hope that this article was interesting and useful for you. Bet wisely and you, of course, be in a profit.