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Сhoosing a Bookmaker: what to pay attention at?

It is much easier betting online rather than going to the betting shop: you don’t have to go outside; don’t have to wait your line; calculations of bets is much quicker and it is possible to re-invest your payout; you can bet with several bookmakers. Little problems can only occur while depositing and/or paying out from your account. Some confirmation of betters’ documents may be needed, but only in the first time. In many other aspects betting online is more profitable and easier for any better.

But before opening an account at any online sportsbook bookmaker and, especially, before making the first deposit, you must gather some information about the bookie. We can say to get acquainted with your opponent is sports betting. You have to look carefully to the following points of your future bookmaker:

Reliability. Is it a famous and well-known bookie? Were there any problems with the payouts? Is it a legal bookmaker?

All these questions seem to lose their actuality when choosing a bookmaker with our website. You don’t have to waste your time and to inspect each online bookmaker. Wikibet.com works only with proven bookies.

Methods of payment. What types of payouts support your bookie?

Basically, all online bookmakers can take the money from the credit / debit card, but the payouts with the same method support a much smaller number of bookmakers. Your bookmaker must have at least a few alternative methods of payout: credit / debit card, Webmoney, Skrill, bank transfer.

The rules. Carefully read the rules, which are offered by the bookmaker on betting. Make sure that you can bet on all the events as with an express or a system or a single bet. Because of market competition, all online bookmakers now are taking bets with the universal rules. But in either case you have to read them carefully not o do a disappointing mistake in your bet.

The odds. Find out what odds can offer the bookie? Make sure that the odds are at least not lower than the average over the Internet. To compare you can look the odds at the same event at several bookmakers.

The maximum payout and the maximum stake. Make sure that the bookmaker does not cut the maximum payout on a single bet. Also you have to explore the maximum stake if you are playing with high stakes. Otherwise it can become a problem for you betting.

The minimum deposit. Make sure that the minimum deposit at your chosen bookmaker, do not regard the heavens. That has to be a normal amount.

The events for betting. Your chosen bookmaker must offer odds on the largest possible number of championships and sports. Some bookmakers offer only top league betting, without, for example, lower leagues or even without championships like Sweden and Norway. Bookmaker’s line should have a broad list for additional odds. In other case some bookmakers do not offer betting on the favorites, or don’t allow betting on favorites in single express. It is better to change such a bookie.

Promotions. Does your bookmaker offer different promotions (on the first and second deposit, on significant events, on you loosing etc.)?

You can get acquainted with all the promotions of different bookmakers by visiting the relevant sections of our website.