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Types of bets at the bookmaker

Let’s consider the basic choices of bookmakers’ odds:

Victory of the first team (1), draw (X) or the victory of the second team (2). Usually bookmakers name the teams in odds or write “home”/”away”.

The victory of the first team or a draw (1X); Victory of the second team or a draw (X2) - to win in these elections it is necessary that chosen team doesn’t lost (win or a draw).

The victory of the first team or the victory of the second team (12) - to win a bet with such outcome it is necessary that either team defeated (not a draw).

Win with Asian handicaps. The term handicap means the advantage or backlog of the participant of competition shown in goals / points / sets, etc., which is provided to the participant by the bookmaker in its odds. The outcome of events including handicap counts by the following way: handicap is added to the corresponding result shown by the participant in the competition. If the result after calculation is in favor of the chosen participant, the odd wins. Payments are made according to the odds indicated in the pre-match rates of the bookie. If the result is in favor of the opponent – the odd lost. If the including handicap become "a draw", the payment on such an outcome will made by the return rate 1.

Example odd with handicaps:

Valencia - Zaragoza: Zaragoza (1.5) 1.8 - odd with a handicap (+1.5) for the Zaragoza is an odd for Zaragoza win or draw or even lose with a difference of no more than one goal. If one of these conditions is confirmed - the bet won. If Valencia wins by 2 or more goals, the bet lost.

Handicap purchase / handicap with the purchase / sale of handicap - the addition of 0.5 goals / points / set (or a multiple of 0.5) to the handicap of the participant by lowering odds. Not all bookmakers and not all odds have the ability to offer handicap purchases. Therefore, the size of purchases, as well as changes in the coefficients with the purchase you need to look in the rules of a chosen bookmaker. Corresponding, handicap purchase is a reduction of the handicap that increases the odd.

Example of handicap purchase:

Lakers (-7.5) 1.9 - Houston

Here we can see the bookmaker offers an odd that the Lakers will win Houston with a handicap of 8 points or more. For example, the odd changes with purchasing a 1-point handicap and it maensthe reduction of 0.1 to the odd. If we want to put the odd (-3.5) on the Lakers (Lakers win 4 points or more) we need to purchase 4 additional points and the rate will be: 1.9-0,1 * 4 = "1.5"

Over / Under / Exactly (odds on totals). Odds on the number of goals / points / games, etc. scored / taken / played etc. by the participant of event. To win the bet you have to guess, if it would be scored / taken / played more or less or exactly the specified number then the totals line of the bookmaker. There are two options for the total odds: two ( "under" or "over") or three ( "under", "over" or "exactly") outcomes. In the first case, if the result coincides with the proposed odd of the bookie, the winning rate for bets on the "over" and "under" are assumed to be 1. If the odd on the total offers 3 outcomes and the result exactly matches bookmaker’s line in the totals, bets "under" and "over" are lost, and the bet on the "exactly" wins.

Example total over / under:

Derby - Chelsea less than 2.5

This bet wins if there will be scored less than 2.5 goals (0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 0-1, etc.) in the match. If there will be scored 3 or more goals in the game (2-1, 2-2, 1-2, 3-0, etc.) the bet loses.

Individual Totals are the same as the overall totals. But here a player has to guess the total number of goals (scored) / points (taken) in the game by one of the participants, not together.

Half / Match result. In this bet player has to guess the outcome of both the first half and the match as a whole.

Correct game Score. Player has to guess correct score of the game.

Long term outcomes. It is a bet on the winner of the tournament, on the passing through play-off and any other bets when winning is determined not by a single match, but the whole championship or tournament.

Some bookmakers offer other betting lines. Study the rules carefully.